Thursday 5th of April – h 9.30 – Convento Santa Clara, Seville

9.30 Welcome remarks by the Municipality
ICAS (Instituto de culturas y de las artes de Sevilla)
10.00 Presentation of the fair and the Sevillaswing Festival
Ivan Pivotti (Marmaduke)
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Exchange of experiences.
Each festival/company/organization will have 10 minutes to present and share with the group its activities, methodologies, collaborations, present and future challenges.
Discussion on the added values and potentialities of the European Swing Network
13.30 Presentation of the Zazoo magazine
Marcos Padilla (O’sister!)
14.00 Lunch
15.30 Presentation of the European Swing Portal
Caterina Amicucci (Marmaduke)
16.00 The swing in our time, music & dance – Open discussion
Swing Music comes from the ’20-’30 of the last century. Why is our interest focused on this style now, after almost 100 years? What’s the reason of this revival in our times? Several bands are playing swing music all over the world during the last decade at least. They are influenced by different bands from the past with an eye on modern music. What are the influences from the past and what the innovations of the music they create? Is there room for professionalization of those new band with old repertoire? What are the challenges and the opportunities of the Swing music sector? What kind of systematic events are organized at European level (dance concerts, clandestinos, ecc)? Are there any difference between south and north of Europe? Functioning of the schools and different swing style. What are the challenges and the opportunities of the Swing music sector?
Kick off contributions: Samuel Rigal (Sevilla Swing Dance), Joseph Sewell (JiveSwing), Ivan Pivotti (Marmaduke), Camilo Bosso (O’sister!), Maurizio Meterangelo (Swing on the Beach/ Billy Bros Swing Orchestra)
19.00 Aperitive and bilateral chat
21.00 Sevillaswing Festival opening: Concert of Tamal
In the Sala Chicarreros Plaza San Francisco 1
22.30 Dinner