Sustainability Charter for the European Swing Dance & Music Scene

Swinging Europe Network has taken up the responsibility to create a Sustainability Charter, based on the earlier published Sustainability Strategy for the European Swing Dance and Music scene. This work is part of the Swinging Europe Network project supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission, and was realized between March 2023 – March 2024.

The charter is a practical tool that contains over 100 actions for organizations to implement in a customizable manner. Actions for sustainable development include but are not limited to environmental and climate protection; gender equality, inclusion, diversity and appreciation for cultural heritage; safer and thriving work environments for the artistic and business development of swing artists and organizations; fruitful collaborations and peaceful partnerships.

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By implementing actions on these topics, a community can have a positive impact not only on the sustainable development of their own scene, but also on other dance & music scenes and – by extension – on the whole of society. We hope this charter, in combination with the strategy, will inform and inspire others to make more sustainable choices.

We invite you to check out the charter’s goals and actions, and engage with it in a way that fits your organization’s context. Included in the charter document is a user guide and an overview of commitments from the 13 partners in 11 countries within the Swinging Europe Network project.

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If you have any questions, reach out to the leading partner LouisLou vzw (Upside Down) via

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