Sustainability Strategy for the European Swing Dance & Music Scene

Swinging Europe Network has taken up the responsibility to create a Sustainability Strategy for the European Swing scene. This work is part of the Swinging Europe Network project supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission. The project’s aim is to develop a prosperous and sustainable Swing dance & music scene in Europe,  together with 13 partner organizations in 11 countries. 

We have drafted and submitted a first version of the Strategy in March 2023. As we move forward, the document remains a work in progress.

Read the sustainability strategy

We invite you to read it, make suggestions, give feedback, provide reading materials and use it as a blueprint for your own actions related to sustainable development.

Every six months, we upload an updated version which may include edits we have received in that time frame. The next update is scheduled for June 1st 2024.

Here is how you can provide comments:

  1. Email Ann-Sofie at Upside Down (LouisLou vzw), the leading partner for the Sustainability Strategy.
  2. Share your suggestion, comment or feedback. Mention the page and quote the sentence you refer to, and write in full the edited text you are proposing. It is helpful to hear as much background information on why you think this edit is an improvement.
  3. For bibliographic material, please provide author, title, year of publication and why you think this material is a relevant addition to the strategy. If the material is virtual (blog post, online magazine article, website), please provide an URL.
  4. If you are using the strategy document for your own purposes, please use the following citation: Swinging Europe Network. ‘Sustainability Strategy for the European Swing Dance & Music Scene’, 14 December 2023. 
  5. Your suggestion will be reviewed by the partner organizations of the Swinging Europe Network. 
  6. If we do not respond within one month, please mail again. It is likely your email was overlooked or classified as spam.

Sustainability Strategy for the European Swing Dance & Music Scene

Thank you for your contribution!

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