On the 4th and 5th of November, the Swingin Europe Network organised the first online ‘Learning Network’. Spread over these two days we had over 70 participants from around 15 countries showing up. As a little surprise, we also welcomed Rita Ezenwa-Okoro from the Global Play Brigade to remind us of the importance of play in any environment. Learning Network is not only the name of the event. It is also the name of a methodology that emphasises innovative learning and exchange of experiences and ideas. It offers a space where any European swing dancer, organiser or participant can join in to learn in groups around specific topics. The goal of these meetings is to create a positive learning space. We believe that these gatherings will nourish the people participating and their communities at home.

Over a time span of two years we will hold online and IRL meetings on these topics:

  • social engagement strategies 
  • artists development strategies
  • history heritage preservation and recognition
  • green festivals
  • strategic and economic development

After the first Learning Network at the Ghent Conference in July ‘22 and this first online gathering, we are launched to hold another 6 gatherings. The next one will be held in March ‘22, so keep an eye on our online media and newsletter.

For more information, you can get in touch with LouisLou, who is the head partner responsible for these network moments. See you in March, and remember, these Learning Network moments are open to all actors in the European and international swing dance scene. Spread the word!

The Learning Network is organized within the Swinging Europe Network 2 project, which is co-financed by the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture through the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.